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How We See It Under Streetlights 

18"x 24"

print on foam board

An interactive anaglyph illustration that serves as a tool for community placemaking in the Villa Victoria (South End, Boston).


This was a four month research project investigating the different perceptions of the community from residents, staff, and affiliates of the community. I conducted interviews and extracted contrasting themes from the older and younger generation's answers that I then translated into visuals.  

I decided to make an anaglyph illustration as a way to depict multiple truths. 

HowWeSeeIt copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 5.26.32 PM.png

Individual Layers


The red layer represents the community perceptions of the older generation, which were more positive, while the blue layer represents the community perceptions of the younger generation, which were more negative. 


CamScanner 05-01-2022 18.58_1.jpg
Untitled 21.png
Untitled 20.png
Untitled 24.png
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