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"Lost Grief" 

A Thirteenvic Solo Art Exhibitio















Event Description   

Loss is a part of life and takes on many forms. Grief is what comes after loss. It is a normal part of the healing process. If the grieving process is not experienced or in other words “lost”, then loss can not be properly processed. "Lost Grief" is about identifying unhealed losses and their manifestations while exploring one’s relationship to grief.   


This exhibition creatively meditates on the answers to the following questions: 

What causes grief to be lost?  
What happens when grief is lost?
Is it lost or hiding? 

How do you find it?
Where do you find it?
What happens when you find it?
Do you even want to find it?
Who loses it? 
Why do you lose it? 
What does losing grief look like? 
When do you search for it? 
What if you never find it? 

This exhibition is a narrative experience. The pieces of work in this show are intentionally sequenced to tell a story through three main themes: Travel, Exploration, and Escape. 

The show was inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, Navy Blue’s album Song of Sage: Post Panic!, and Bessel van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score. 

The pieces of work in this exhibition are created using acrylic, aerosol, charcoal, ink, fabric, digital softwares, and interactive media. Each piece was imagined and created through the lens of childhood, culture, identity, gender, community, history, and generational lineage.

I dedicate my first solo exhibition to my niece,

Laylani Rosa DelValle.



“So when you praise something
Alright? It lives
When the spirits praise us, we live
But their praise is our life
Their praise is our heartbeat
Their praise is the grass growing
At least I get to live
And everything when it dies
You have to grieve the hell out of it
Cause if you don't grieve it, then it never was really alive
It didn't live, it's already dead
And that's what terrifies the hell out of us
If you have two centuries of people that haven't grieved the things that they loved
And they left, properly
Where does that grief go?” - Dreams of a Distant Journey; Song of Sage: Post Panic!, Navy Blue 





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Dorchester Art Project 

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Exhibit Events 

***  Private Opening Reception;

June 3rd 2023 6-9pm 

*** Paint & Sip; 

June 10th 2023 7-11pm

*** Closing Reception; 

June 30th 2023 7-11pm 

Casual Viewing 

The show will be open to free casual viewings on select days throughout the month.


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