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Thirteenvic is a multi-disciplinary artist whose uncanny, bizarre and darkly humorous works explore the themes of identity, femininity, generational trauma, hidden truths, history and childhood. Influenced by her inner city upbringing within a Puerto Rican enclave and inspired by artists like Lady Pink, Rixy, and Imagine876, her art has a foundation rooted in the vibrant and rebellious world of graffiti and street art. She employs bold strokes and surrealist techniques to challenge perceptions, provoke thought, and ignite a sense of wonder. Through the juxtaposition of elements drawn from the realms of humor and fantasy horror, she seeks to blur the boundaries between the known and the unknown, the beautiful and the grotesque. In doing so, she invites viewers to confront their fears, embrace the absurd, and discover beauty in the darkest corners of the imagination.


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