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Where I End Up
Digital Illustrated Comic

A reflection on how I used distance & art to navigate dysfunction.

Pastelito PRDX.K7NGParadoxic King
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*Play this song as you view*

902D4EA6-F824-41EB-AFCA-5FCD5FE14D3E 1.png
32BF34C6-B4D1-4704-91B7-D40B6A71C636 1.png
3443C446-C06A-4B58-B07D-EF59A1AB1A98 1.png
D6CAB12B-46E7-4A6B-AA80-204463D6766F 1.png
AE61AF55-6687-4273-8553-78E67C6BDD0B 1.png
F592609A-04E0-4595-9833-657896D7C9CC 1.png
88EAD115-8011-441A-82DD-7D7E0EF12FA3 1.png
D7628136-D925-4419-A304-C905045C13C6 1.png
16C41C42-D8B0-47E2-B97B-B66FD0BB5E54 1.png
EC86E70A-ECCB-4341-AAE4-6F65FFE2971C 1.png
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