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Visual Artist. Designer. Educator. Storyteller.

What I


Drawing & Painting

Custom Illustrations: Produces illustrations for books, magazines, advertisements, album covers and more.

Commissioned Artworks: Creates custom paintings, drawings, or sculptures based on client requests.

Murals: Designs and paint large-scale murals for public or private spaces.

Portraits: Creates portrait paintings or drawings from photographs or live sittings.

Digital Art: Creates digital paintings and illustrations.

Tattoo Design: Creates custom tattoo designs for clients.


Web & Print Design

Web Design: Designs websites focusing on aesthetics and user experience.


Print Design: Designs brochures, business cards, posters, and other printed materials.

Print-on-Demand: Designs and sells products like art prints,  t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases, etc.

Art Licensing: Licenses artwork for use on products such as calendars, greeting cards, and textiles.



Art Consulting: Advises clients on art purchases, collections, and displays.

Design Consultation: Provides expert advice on design projects and branding.

Art Direction: Oversees the artistic aspects of projects, ensuring visual coherence.


Graphic & Brand Design

Graphic Design: Creates visual content for print and digital media.

Brand Identity Design: Develops logos, color schemes, and brand guidelines.

Custom Merchandise: Creates custom-designed products for clients or special events.


Art Education & Community Engagement 

Art Classes: Teaches drawing, painting, and other art techniques.

Workshops: Conducts in-person or online workshops on specific art or design skills.

Online Courses: Develops and sell courses on online platforms. 

Tutoring: Offers one-on-one art or design tutoring sessions.

Public Art Projects: Designs and execute large-scale public art installations.

Community Art Programs: Develops and manage art programs and projects within communities.


Apparel Design

Apparel Design: Designs graphics & silhouettes for clothing lines, collections, and custom 1 of 1 commissions.. 

Stylist: Puts together model outfits and apparel style guides for photo & video projects. 

Tori has played a vital role in my FOR WMN brand, transforming an established concept into something that is refreshingly contemporary, polished, and highly relatable. Her keen sense of design and vast knowledge in her field make her an indispensable artistic asset. 

- Lariza Quintero


 FOR WMN Founder & TikTok Website Manager

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