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For everything that you see, there are 1,000 things that you don’t see. 


I create at the intersection of street art, graffiti, fantasy horror and surreal humor. Using bizarre juxtapositions, such as the bright colors, cartoon-like visuals and underlying darker complex themes such as identity, culture, community, generational trauma, sexism, social justice issues, and childhood, I create an emotional response within the viewer, inviting them to dig deeper and curiously wonder.


My authentic being can be seen as a juxtaposition.


The only Girl…. The only Puerto Rican…. The only Project Baby…. 


I exist and it is a contrast.


I explore this contrast and ask “why are you here?”, using acrylic, ink, aerosol, clay, charcoal, fashion, sculpture, interactive media and poetry. It is something close to magic. 


Refusing to accept what is right in front of me. Centering innovation and silliness. Asking myself unpredictable questions. Leaning into fear. Seeking knowledge from music and literature. All of it has led me to use my art as a ground for getting to know all extensions of myself. 


For others that have shared experiences and identities, I hope they get to know a part of themselves that they have yet to meet. I hope they smile & laugh while doing so. 

VICTORIA SILLY SHOT #1 cropped.jpg

Artist Statement

Photo taken by Saint.Yves

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